April 8 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

Opening statement:
44? [Reporter: Bob pin.] Good for him. What does Bob say when you win? Is there a word he says or something he says? [Reporter: No real catch phrase, no. No gimmick.] Would’ve liked to know what it was, or if he had one, because I would’ve said it.

On playing for pride:
I think it says something about the leadership of our team – Quick, and Brownie ties it up, Kopi was in, I think, on all of our goals, wasn’t he? Jeff, for a guy whose got 30-something goals, he sure doesn’t get much credit for what he’s done for this team this year.

On whether he watched the in-game tributes to Bob Miller:
No, but when it goes quiet in the building, you know it’s something going on up there always. You’d rather it be loud – it’d be really quiet, and then it’d be really loud – so you’d rather it just stay really loud. It’s attribute to Bob, and that’s unique, and that’s nice to see.

On whether he plans on playing “regulars” for tomorrow’s game in Anaheim:
Yep. It’s an important game for all of our players. I mean, look at Chicago tonight. They had a lot of guys who are coming out of the American League, these young guys. We’ve got a lot of guys that probably were a little bit intimidated by the Chicago Blackhawks tonight, which tells you why they’re a first place team and we’re not playing.