March 20 postgame quotes: Iginla, Toffoli - LA Kings Insider

Jarome Iginla, on fighting Patrick Maroon, who is “11 years younger and 20 pounds heavier”:
Well it’s not an age thing, it’s just- [Reporter: More like a weight thing, though.] Well you can’t really pick your spots like that but it’s part of it. Just want to battle and compete at that point. We’re just looking to get more into it and anything. They were rolling pretty good and they came out really strong in the first period and we were trying to push back there in the second and third. [Reporter: Was it mission accomplished?] Well it’s just part of the game. Mission accomplished would be winning the game but I thought we got better after the first period. We’ve been getting ourselves in some big holes and it’s against some good teams and it’s hard to fight back. They played good with the lead but I thought we had some push there and for probably the last half of the game we had some good momentum and unfortunately we couldn’t get that one and it felt like if you could get that one maybe that next was coming but that wasn’t the case. Give them credit. They played a good game with the lead.

Iginla, on how to compete against the teams in Alberta that are young and faster:
I’m not too worried about the future but yeah, they’re two good teams for sure and you can see that they’re both two young teams that have some swagger. Whether they’ve had a really good year and the Flames have really come on like the last 13 games or whatever it is. It’s impressive. I mean, it’s going to be fun for the fans and bring that battle up a notch between the two cities again for a while. I know that’s fun as players and it’ll be a lot of fun for years for the fans.

Tyler Toffoli, on what it meant for Iginla to drop the gloves with Maroon:
Yeah it was good. He gave us a little jolt there and we had some chances but we just didn’t capitalize on our opportunities there.

Toffoli, on whether the team’s system changed at all after going down 2-0:
I mean, it’s definitely hard to come back when we’re down 2-0 early in a game like that. We’ve just got to try and find a way to come out strong and not come out flat like we have and just play the right way for a full 60 minutes and put one together here.

Toffoli, on the approach to Thursday’s home game against Winnipeg:
Definitely have got to regroup and just be ready to play Thursday. We’ve got to find ways to win games here and what we’re doing right now isn’t the right way.