March 9 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On Jarome Iginla’s two-goal performance being “not bad for a 39-year-old guy”:
He’s scored a lot of power play goals in his career. You should look it up. I think it’s close to 200.

On the importance of the win coming out of the four-day break:
I think every game now is a playoff game for us. It’s important.

On whether winning battles becomes more important when fighting from behind:
It was 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2. It’s how games usually go. If you scored the first goal all the time and that was the only reason you won, then there’d be somebody that was probably 82-0.

On whether he is surprised with Paul LaDue’s performance:
Need all those young guys to step up to the plate here. It’s one thing to get experience, it’s another thing to win. Winning experience is way better than losing experience. I don’t care what anybody says. If we’re going to put young guys in the lineup, then we need them to play at a high level. It’s not necessarily Paul LaDue. Hey, straightforward. They’ve got to be good players for us. Otherwise we’re not a playoff team. You’re going to ask the same question April 9.

On the importance of having Jonathan Quick back:
You know, I’ve said it lots. He’s part of that leadership group and he gives you confidence and he gives you courage and all those things the players need.

On what sticks out in an even game against another good team:
Well, they’re all good teams. There’s 30 good teams, first off. [Reporter: But in this game particular, what stuck out to you, put you over the top, so to speak.] Well, we were down 1-0, and if we would’ve lost, I know the question would’ve been ‘how come you’re down,’ right? So if you’re down, you fight back, make it 1-1. They scored early in the third to make it 2-1. We tied it up to make it 2-2, and a regulation win.

On what has allowed the team to find such success in overtime:
Actually, we haven’t been that good lately, and they took a penalty tonight and we scored, so it’s a power play goal. Four-on-three. [Reporter: Is it the players willing to help each other that makes these comeback possible, where you get down and then they play really hard to come back and score a goal?] I don’t think effort is ever an issue. I think that we have some guys who are going to have to be better players five-on-five for us to get out of that show ticket.