January 21 morning skate quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On whether there may be some changes to the defensive pairs:
Nah, I don’t know what we’re doing yet. Just power play stuff this morning. Got to figure out who our third pair is. [Reporter: Maybe Gilbert?] Yeah, I’d like to get him back in. I’ve felt bad lately not having played him, I think since his last game was in Nashville, I believe. Little bit of an issue having the three kids in at once. A little challenging for our group.

On whether the Islanders’ defensive scoring is more personnel-based or systems-based:
I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s ‘scoring.’ They have some mobile guys like us, they’d be like Muzz and Marty, same type – Leddy, de Haan. Their left side of their ice or defense is where most of that comes from. Leddy, de Haan and Hickey – they’re similar to our guys, I’d say.

On whether Tyler Toffoli making the trip indicates that he’s close to a return:
He’s not practicing with the team, so it’s more of a situation where we go into the All-Star break and guys don’t get to skate during the All-Star break unless you’re an All-Star. We’d like to get him back on the ice – we’re trying to get him back on the ice – on an everyday basis, and it’s way better that he’s under our supervision, and being with the team, also.

On getting a feel for the building after not having a morning skate at Barclays Center last year:
I just remember it was colder than hell when we got here [last year]. I can’t remember much. I remember going out of the door of the hotel and turning around. I went back in because the windchill was – ehh.