December 18 postgame quotes: Toffoli, Greene, King - LA Kings Insider

Tyler Toffoli, on whether the 1-0 game was “frustrating”:
Yeah. I think we had some chances we just didn’t get our shots through. Myself, personally, I had a couple chances that I should have put in there and it’s frustrating knowing when you have some good shots and good opportunities that you don’t put them in.

Toffoli, on what the Bruins did to make it difficult against LA:
They had a lot of pressure. I feel like they play kind of similar to us. They have a guy on you at all times and they don’t give you a lot of space so we just didn’t do a good enough job tonight.

Toffoli, on what the energy level was like on their 4th game of the road trip:
I think we were fine. I mean, like I said we had our chances here and if we bare down it would’ve been a different outcome for sure. So just one of those things where you’ve got to move on from it and try and forget about it.

Toffoli, on assessing the road trip after four games:
I think it would’ve been a good trip so far if we pulled one out this afternoon but it’s a little frustrating. It’s tough knowing that we have a couple days here until our next game and we couldn’t do it.

Matt Greene, on whether it was the type of physical game he was expecting:
Yeah, you know you’re getting into it with these guys. It’s going to be a hard game and we were ready for that, I just think we just have to do a better job of just sticking with it and getting pucks to it and getting goals. It doesn’t have to be pretty. We’re in one of those funks right now where we’re looking for pucks off of bouncing in or doing however we can to get them in there, we’ll take ‘em, so we’ve just got to stick with it and it’ll come.

Greene, on what the Bruins did well against the Kings:
They blocked shots well, they really pack in to the middle of the ice. They give you the outside of the rink in the offensive zone but definitely they pack it in and they make it tough to get to the net.

Greene, on blocking Chara’s shot on the penalty kill:
Yeah it’s just a scramble. You know, rebound goes right to him and you do what you do to keep the puck out of the net and that’s it. There’s no thought process beyond that.

Dwight King, on the Kings scoring one goal in the last two games:
No, like I said, you’ve got to find ways eventually to get puck through. We had some chances tonight but there’s things we’ve got to get better on but we’ve just got to bare down on the chances, too.

King, on whether the Kings need to find a level of consistency to improve on this road trip:
Maybe, maybe just more production. Like I said, our defense has been alright. Just capitalizing and obviously moving it around a little more in the offensive zone, getting a little more creative I think will go a long way.

King, on what the Bruins did well to limit the Kings scoring chances:
I think they just got everybody back in to lanes and around their goaltender at the end to kind of let us think there’s lanes. They blocked a lot of shots, too, and they just kind of carried everything to the outside.