LAKI on vaca - LA Kings Insider

Good morning, Insiders. I’m off for the next two weeks and won’t be checking in frequently from my top secret glacial ice cave. Technically, I’m on call next weekend should anything of interest arise, but my next day of bloggin’, commentin’, and Tweetin’ will most likely be Monday, August 29. Until then, Lindsay will post press releases to the site, but bear with delays in sharing some of the news as she has another job that requires her full attention. Stories to expect over the next week should include an announcement of the promotional schedule, as well as the Legends Night celebrations, which I’m disappointed that I won’t be here with you to discuss.

As has been noted, the LAKI Associate position should be filled in late September, and for those who have sent materials in, I will check back with you later this month. Thank you for your patience.

For intermittent and slapdash updates of my time-off doings, you are welcome to follow me on Instagram or my personal Twitter account, which is rarely used and provides very little substance.

Also – it was great seeing many of you at Dodger Stadium on Friday! I didn’t know Neil was such a big Dodger fan (pictures below).

Talk soon, Insiders.