Audio: LAKI joins FSW's 10 West Podcast - LA Kings Insider

A good afternoon to you from Toyota Sports Center, Kings fans. Before the Muzzin evaluation is completed and attention shifts back to development camp, here’s a great way to spend 75 minutes of your afternoon: listen to today’s 10 West podcast, hosted by FOX Sports West’s Vincent La Rosa. We cover all pertinent topics – development camp, free agency, the potential of trades, the Kopitar captaincy – before finishing off by talking some music and college football.

BONUS AUDIO. Trevor Lewis joined The Power Play with Scott Laughlin and Jim “Boomer” Gordon in late June to discuss his new contract, the transfer of the captaincy and the conclusion of the 2015-16 season, amongst other topics. He reiterated that the negotiations happened quickly – he received a call from his agent, who went back and forth “for an hour or two” with Los Angeles management before a deal was struck. If you still have time after 75 minutes of 10 West, check ‘er out.