October 1 practice quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On Drew Doughty growing into the club’s leadership group:
Yeah, I think he’s to that point where he has to and wants to take more responsibility in it. Again, going back to Stolly and Willie [ed: I believe he’s referencing Justin Williams], Robyn, Mike, they were always part of that group, that leadership group that you’d always talk to [for] what we were doing and things like that. Now somebody else is going to step into that. Hey I think Drew, Lewie, obviously Jeff has been in it since he’s been here, Cliffy, they’re all part of it now. [Reporter: I just like seeing the A on his jersey. I know he’s done that in previous preseasons as well. Is that just higher expectations and continued growth?] No, those other guys all wore it at times when guys weren’t playing, and [inaudible]. [Reporter: He says he’s nicer to the officials now, too.] Hey, it’s not that hard to figure out. For our team to get back to being a playoff team again and taking that next step, those guys that have left, somebody else has to step up. It’s not a privilege or a rite of passage. You’re making your team better, if you’re capable of doing it. You don’t just anoint somebody. It’s to try and make your team better.

On whether he’s satisfied with the “kids’” performances in training camp:
I think they’ve all played fine, and when you get to the point where you’ve got to in some ways overlook it and say, ‘Let’s make sure that the guys, the big guys, are ready.’ There’s a point where you get past the evaluation. They’re either helping you, or they’re not. Training camp is clearly – the preseason, the first two games, they’re not that important. Getting guys some games is what you’re doing. But after that, it matters, because teams start putting more players in, coaches start putting some match-ups in. You’re paying attention to all your system detail, all that, all the way through. But then it becomes who can actually help you win, and who can’t. So, obviously I have kids, four or five guys who are left here that I have higher than some other guys. That’s clear. Clear based on ice time and performance. I really haven’t changed how I see our team from the start of training camp. I still see the same guys – same guys who were here last year fighting with some guys that are here now. It really hasn’t changed. Obviously with Muzzin, Greener banged up, it takes a little bit different look in the back, so you know what? We’ve given guys extra games or extra minutes and extra responsibility or special teams, or switching partners around, just because something’s got to work or something’s got to click.