September 29 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On whether the emotion and battling represented a step towards the regular season:
Not really. We’re trying to win every game. Struggling to score a little bit.

On Anaheim saying their strategy was to get the puck in the offensive zone first in overtime:
That would be everybody’s strategy, not different than anybody else. I think you’ve got to win the faceoff, which is the most important part, and get possession. They won the faceoff, and they had the puck until they scored. [Reporter: Do you like the three-on-three better?] Oh yeah. I think it’s much better than the four-on-four. [Reporter: And that’s basically because it’ll eliminate the shootouts at the end if it still becomes scoreless-] It should eliminate based on what we’ve seen in the American League. It’ll eliminate a percentage of ‘em. I think obviously it’s still preseason, so teams are going to generally have three top players out there.

On how he’d evaluate Andy Andreoff’s performance in training camp and the preseason:
He’s played every game, and he’s fighting for a spot. I’d expect that evaluation in his performance to continue.

On the “strategy” for Frozen Fury because of the distractions in Las Vegas:
The Los Angeles Kings play there every year, I think. I don’t know what the difference it would make. It’s still ice and a rink.

On positive aspects of the preseason:
We’re trying to get everybody to be ready for the first game, and it’s still very competitive to see who is going to play in that first game, and obviously we have some issues on the back end right now, so we need the guys that are going to be healthy to get their games cleaned up and be ready for it.

On Milan Lucic’s performance:
He’s a big guy that’s got to play an emotional, physical game, and he did.