September 27 postgame quotes: Brown, Shore - LA Kings Insider

Dustin Brown, on whether he liked the team’s performance in the win:
Yeah. I mean, it makes it a lot easier when we only take – we didn’t have many penalties, except for whatever that was in the [overtime]. So that makes it a lot easier for guys to get into it from top to bottom and get a rhythm. Our D obviously had to play with four, so they did a really good job.

Brown, on his own performance:
I feel good. It’s about getting better every game in preseason. That way I’m ready to go right from the start. Tonight I thought our line as a whole, we turned a lot of pucks, and Kinger and me both could’ve had a couple.

Brown, on what he’s learning from three-on-three overtime:
Possession’s a big part, and any play you make has to be playmaking towards their net, and when you’re passing it back, the ice and buildings and bouncing pucks, if you’re making plays going towards your net, you’re going to be in trouble. The other side of it’s a counterpunch game.

Nick Shore, on what he liked about his line’s performance:
I thought we were able to create some good chances, and I think especially off the rush there Brownie was able to get some good looks. Kinger had some good looks, too. Just executing a little bit better.

Shore, on the team’s discipline in the win:
It’s huge. The best penalty kill is not taking penalties, but I think that’s a testament to everyone moving their feet, nothing with their stick, and just being in a good position.

Shore, on whether he feels he has to continue to prove something about his game:
Certainly. I’m in the same group as everybody else, and that’s coming out here and trying to contribute to this team and trying to be a part of it. That’s every day getting better. I’m trying to make the team.

Shore, on what stood out about the team’s overall performance:
I think it’s good. It was a full three periods. I think we were able to do a lot of good things out there, and any time you pull out a win on the road, that’s always a good thing.

Update: The Kings are now scheduled to practice at 11:00 am at TSC on Monday, September 28.