September 25 postgame quotes: Forbort, Clifford, Lewis - LA Kings Insider

Derek Forbort, on whether the game was a step in the right direction for the team:
I think we had some good O-zone time. We had a good push in the third period there, but obviously there is some stuff that needs to be cleaned up to get the win.

Forbort, on whether he’s feeling more comfortable:
Yeah, I feel like every game I’m just kind of getting more comfortable with the speed and the pace out there playing with these guys. I’m trying to get a good step in the right direction every game.

Forbort, on whether it was helpful being paired with Kevin Gravel:
Yeah, we played together a lot at the American League level. So it was nice having him as my partner today and we’ve got some good chemistry.

Forbort, on whether it’s difficult switching between the right and left side:
We’re both lefties. I think Kevin usually likes taking the right side, but if we get switched up it’s not a big deal. We’re both pretty comfortable over there.

Forbort, on how he feels after a week of practices and games:
It’s been good. It’s been fun. It’s been tough, but it’s been a good push these last couple of days and I’m just excited.

Kyle Clifford, on whether he was happy with the team’s performance:
I thought there were some areas where we did well and there are obviously some areas we have to improve on, tighten up a little bit.

Clifford, on what gave them momentum in the second period:
I thought we just got to our structure and we had some good O-zone time with a couple lines and obviously that helps with momentum and getting confidence in everything you need to do to get going.

Clifford, on whether he’s ready for the regular season to start:
I definitely think there’s some fine tuning that needs to be done. But again, we’ve only got three or four games until the season starts, so I think everyone is going to get on the same page. We’re looking forward to opening the season up, but at the same time, we’re taking it one game at a time.

Clifford, on whether his game is close to where he’d like it to be for the season:
It’s training camp. You’re pushing yourself to get ready for opening day. You want to be ready before opening day, not on opening day.

Clifford, on whether he wants to contribute on the penalty kill this season:
Yeah, it’s definitely something that I want to work on and improve on and add to my game.

Trevor Lewis, on what he takes away from the game:
I think we did some good things out there. I think for the most part our penalty kill is good. I think we did some good work up ice and we created a lot of turnovers and that killed a lot of the penalties. There’s still some stuff that we need to clean up on the blue line and such, but I know for a lot of guys it’s there first or second game. So we just need to keep working at it.

Lewis, on his goal:
It was a great pass by Tanner. It was kind of a no-look, backdoor pass. So he helped me out on that one, but I had a lot of chances. It felt good, the legs felt good. So I just have to keep going.

Lewis, on whether stick fouls are naturally eliminated over the course of the preseason:
I think you’re a little more careless with your stick. You’re used to playing shiny hockey out there right now, but we’re getting back into it and we’ve definitely got to tighten that up.

Lewis, on his early impressions of Milan Lucic:
I mean he’s great. He’s built for our system, I think. He’s a big boy who can hold onto the puck and he can skate, too. I think he’s going to be a great addition for us.

The Kings are scheduled to practice at noon on Saturday at Toyota Sports Center.