Reports: Voynov pleads down to misdemeanor - LA Kings Insider

I’ll have more links to news stories when they come out, but Slava Voynov has reached a plea deal with the district attorney’s office by having pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of corporal injury to a spouse.

As of now, Voynov’s playing status has not changed. He is still under suspension by the team for suffering a torn Achilles during activity unrelated to hockey, and by the league for his domestic violence arrest. And, as Rich Hammond noted, there’s also the hypothetical threat of a change in his immigration status. I’m going to withhold the implications of today’s announcement until a few more facts come out, but stay tuned – I’ll have more on this story today. For more coverage on today’s news, refer to the Twitter timelines of Rich Hammond, Katie Strang, Nathan Fenno and Larry Altman.