February 24 morning skate quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On playing indoors against Detroit tonight:
We’ve had a lot of different, if you look at it, the last little bit, in terms of colored jerseys and different venues. [Reporter: Kopi was saying it was a big spectacle, and as cool as it was, are you glad that that’s kind of over with, and you guys can kind of get back to normalcy now with the routine?] I think the outdoor game is spectacular, the whole part of it. The game almost becomes a little bit of a- [Reporter: Afterthought.] Right? With everything that goes on, and you see the crowd, and how great they are, and a lot of different people get to go to a game, when you think about it. With us playing twice in California, with three teams, so that’s cool. It is what it is. I mean, they’re a division game, and move on. When it was over, it was over. You answer questions, and it’s over. I think for the most part guys have, as I said, we’ve been fortunate to be able to play two years in a row, and that’s probably good.

On whether Jordan Nolan has taken advantage of an opportunity with his recent play:
He’s got to take advantage of opportunity, very clear. I mean, you’ve got guys that went in and out of the lineup for two or three years. Take advantage of the opportunity. We’re trying to make the playoffs. [Reporter: Is that line really kind of back into an energy role?] I’m not sure if it’s energy, but I think that Shore has given them an element of puck possession and making plays, and Kyle, I’ve said along, is a mainstay somewhere in there, so it’s who the other two guys are. It’s not really a line for me. It’s how they’re playing, and how they’re doing, and they better have their foot on the right pedal. [Reporter: But a little bit of offense, too, here and there, right?] Jordan’s scored lately, so that’s good for your confidence too, but his game’s not going to change. He better play a power game or he’s going to have trouble.

On whether there has been any “message” for Jordan Nolan not to fight as frequently:
He’s got to get involved, he better get involved, and the other team better know it.

On what stands out in helping contribute to Detroit’s pace of play:
Their forwards.

On last night’s Detroit-Anaheim game:
I thought Detroit dominated the game for the most part, and Anaheim took advantage of opportunities in the third. Big rebounds, took advantage of it. That’s what Anaheim’s done all year, is score big goals. That’s why they’re first in the division.