Catching up with Stanley Cup Moments - LA Kings Insider

A few Stanley Cup Moments releases have lapped us by, so it’s time to get caught up. In Episode 10, the players explain the reasons behind their decisions to pass the Stanley Cup to a particular player, such as why Dustin Brown passed it to Robyn Regehr, and why Regehr passed it to Marian Gaborik, and so on. There’s great stuff here, including Darryl Sutter describing what it means to win the Cup for a second time.

“Winning it once, you’re so over the top excited about it that it goes by in a flash and a blur. And I think this time I kind of knew everything that was going to happen, so when it did happen, I just tried to soak it all in. You just maybe appreciate it a little bit more.”
-Dustin Brown

Episode 11! The broadcasters. This is a special episode with the storytellers, including the incredible occurrence that both Bob Miller and Nick Nickson, without comparing notes, had prepared nearly the exact same call of a second Stanley Cup. Watch Miller and Jim Fox high five fans, watch Daryl Evans soak in the moment and listen to how the broadcasters ready themselves for such an incredible, unscripted moment with as much preparation and as firm of an outline as sudden death overtime will allow. There are also some beautiful words shared by Evans on Nickson’s call. This video is really a treat.

“I was jumping around for at least two or three minutes. I just kept jumping up and down, up and down, up and down because I was caught up into it. Probably I let the moment take me over, and Bob’s right there. He’s in the moment, but he is capturing it.”
-Jim Fox