January 12 postgame quotes: Jones, Doughty - LA Kings Insider

Martin Jones, on what stood out the most in the win:
Part of the way we checked. We did a great job from the start of the game. That was something we wanted to put emphasis on, was having a good start. We did a good job checking a pretty high octane offensive team, so I thought we did a really good job tonight.

Jones, on the team’s defensive effort:
Like I said, we did a great job of checking all night. The penalty kill was really good for us when we needed it. The guys did a really good job around the net, so you put those things together and we’re a tough team to beat.

Jones, on what made the penalty kill so successful:
I think the detail. We had guys committed to shot lanes and blocking shots and getting clears when we needed them. We did a lot of little things really well tonight.

Jones, on what he remembers about the third period play in which he got caught to the side of the net:
Just a pass across. I was just trying to get across. He made a pretty good move and I think Marty got a stick on it and put it over the net, so a great defensive play again by Marty there. It was one of many tonight.

Jones, on the importance of bouncing back after his previous two outings:
As a team, we wanted to make sure we had a better start and carried it through the game. We haven’t been playing our best hockey and we wanted to make sure that we had a strong start and had a good game today. [Reporter: But for you, personally, to get a win-] It was important for the team to get a win today, yeah.

Drew Doughty, on the team’s physical performance:
Yeah, we were a physical team. That’s how we wear other teams down. We get in on the forecheck, when they’re D-zone we make it miserable for them to be down there. So we did a better job at that tonight. I still think we’ve got some room for improvement, but it was a better job.

Doughty, on how the team has done a good job of suppressing shots recently:
Just not letting them be in our zone, and when they are down there, pinning them, creating turnovers, blocking shots, making big hits. But for the most part, we’re just trying to keep control of the puck and keep it in their zone and get a cycle going, get shots to the net. When we have the puck, they can’t be down there.

Doughty, on the team’s 60-minute effort:
You know, I still think we had some lapses where they kind of took it to us. We were outshooting them by quite a bit going into the third, and then we kind of let them back in after that, so I think we still have some room for improvement. I wouldn’t say we had a great full 60 minutes, but we did a better job than we have in the past, for sure.

Doughty, on Anze Kopitar getting struck in the face by a puck:
Oh, yeah. I don’t even know if it hit him in the face or what happened there, but he’s OK, so obviously we’re all happy about that.