January 3 postgame quotes: Nashville - LA Kings Insider

Peter Laviolette, on the final three minutes of regulation:
Well, we went to four-on-four. Once four-on-four goes, there is a lot less systematic play that comes in and you pull the goalie and it’s like a power play. We were outnumbered and lost battles at the net. Sometimes it was by numbers. Sometimes it was a redirect. Most of their offense tonight came from their points. Some sort of a D-to-D motion or a D shot with a tip or a redirect or blocked shot. LA blocks a shot and it lands on the guys stick. I guess they’re all different, but nothing necessarily to pinpoint other than the fact that it went to four-on-four and they pulled the goalie.

Laviolette, on what he liked from his team:
I liked everything about our game up until that point where we went to the four-on-four and they pulled their goalie. I liked everything about our game. They threw a lot of pucks at the net in the last three minutes and they got some redirects, a couple of nice shots – a redirect, a rebound and a nice shot.

Pekka Rinne, on giving up a four-goal lead:
You expect your team to win when you have a game like that, you score six goals against the LA Kings. We’re happy with the win, but it’s a crazy game obviously. Can’t let that happen. I haven’t had that kind of a game in… I can’t remember the last time I had that kind of game. They have a big team. They tipped everything. They just find a way to tip pucks and create screens and just pucks were bouncing for both teams. 13 goals, when you talk about LA Kings and Nashville that’s not going to happen every night.

Rinne, on whether it was difficult to regroup heading into overtime:
Good thing they didn’t have one shot. I didn’t have to make a save. I mean I was pissed. I was really disappointed. I couldn’t believe what happened at the end there. Obviously after things like that, you know there is still a chance for the win and obviously Roman took care of business with an individual effort and a nice goal. Big win for us, big two points, crucial time against a big team.

Roman Josi, on his game winning goal:
I got it to Filip and Filip made a real patient play and made a great play to me. I had a lot of space and lots of time and good thing it went in. [Reporter: Did your eyes get big when you saw how much space you had?] Yeah, I was a little surprised getting that much space in OT. I just walked down the slot and tried to pick the corner.

Josi, on whether there is a sense of relief in getting the win:
Yeah, definitely. It’s definitely not the ending we planned. We’re up 6-3 with a couple minutes to go and we want to win that game in regulation. Good job by the team staying with it and we have to do a better job at the end there.