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Merry Christmas, Insiders!

From high atop our mountain fortress, LAKI would love to wish you and your family a warm and merry Christmas! Here's to peace and comfort on this important day and spending it with those important to us (which, if you're in my family, involves going to Bamboo or Yang Chow). ;) Merry Christmas, In... Read More

The View from Calgary

CALGARY HERALD Scott Cruickshank: Johnny Hockey's natural hat-trick leads Flames out of slump "Giordano scored in the extra period to lift the Flames to an improbable — and eight-game-losing-streak-busting — 4-3 decision Monday at the Staples Center." CALGARY SUN Wes Gilbertson: Johnny H... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: December 23

For all the statistics that indicate that the Kings should be finding their course, there have been a few recent episodes similar to last night’s 4-3 home overtime loss to the Flames in which the club has surrendered goals in quick bursts, and on Monday the visiting comeback sullied what otherwise w... Read More