Shore, Zykov discuss today's win, training camp - LA Kings Insider

Nick Shore, on whether today’s win represented a better performance:
I think we played a little bit better [today] I think we were able to generate a lot more offensive zone time and held on to the puck for a bit longer, so I definitely think that helped. Obviously we got a couple bounces there and were able to finish on some of our opportunities.

Shore, on the success of the penalty kill after a short camp:
Like you said, it’s a new system for most of the guys that are playing in this game, but penalty killing’s obviously going to be a big emphasis, especially today and yesterday. We had a lot of penalties that we had to kill off, so I think going into the game you always want to keep them off the board, and if your penalty kill can do that, you get a little momentum.

Shore, on the challenge of playing two games in 18 hours:
I think we’re used to it a little bit. Last year we played a lot of games at 7:00 at night and then back in the afternoon, so I think some of us are used to it. At this point, everyone is just starting to get into their groove and everything. We’ll just look forward to the next one.

Shore, on any “clear instructions to go harder” in today’s game:
No, I just think we played better as a whole. Like I said, we got a lot more pucks deep and were able to generate some offense from that. The game plan was the same, we just executed a little better.

Shore, on whether he’s at the point where he can contend for an NHL roster spot:
Obviously the Kings are a great team, so I think going into camp here, really your only goal is to play the best you can and keep getting better as it goes on. That’s just what everyone in that room is looking forward to doing right now, so we’re just going to try to keep building off this win.

Shore, on what it’s like being a prospect of an NHL team coming off a championship and without many available roster spots:
It’s good. I think all of us take a lot of pride as being in the Kings organization. Obviously what they’ve been doing lately, with two cups in the last three years, so I think it really comes down from the top, and I think there’s a mentality in this organization that is really good. Like I said, there aren’t a ton of spots, but at the same time, everyone’s just working to get a lot better.

Shore, on what stuck with him from his debut professional season:
I just think there’s a lot to build on. Obviously last year was my first year, so I just wanted to come into camp – we put in a lot of work this last off-season – so just come into camp and give your best effort and keep getting better as it goes.

Valentin Zykov, on Wednesday’s response to Tuesday’s loss:
The first game, we had a slow start, kind of. A little bit of it was shaky, like kind of everybody was shaky and wanted to show and make an impression on the organization. It didn’t go well, and we wanted to bounce back, go hard, push ourselves, get a win.

Zykov, on the difference between the games:
The second [game] we just pushed ourselves harder and stuck to our systems plan.

Zykov, on his game-winning goal:
Easy. Well, not ‘easy,’ like nothing special. Just get the rebound, get the job done.

Zykov, on his NHL preseason game against the Coyotes last year:
I remember in my mind, I was like, ‘What am I doing there, sitting with the Stanley Cup champion guys?’ You sit on the bench, and near you, these guys, it’s an amazing feeling sitting near them and being a part of this organization. I was very excited.

Zykov, on whether he feels more comfortable in his second training camp:
Yes, I feel more comfortable. I know the guys, know the coaches, know the training staff. But it never gets easier. You need to keep up and work hard.

Zykov, on what he worked on over the summer:
Mostly I would say skating and shot. That’s one of the main things for me to improve, always. You have to be a good skater in the NHL and have a good shot.

Zykov, on skating with Nic Dowd and Justin Auger:
We kind of communicated a lot together, and that makes playing with these guys easier. I [like] playing with these guys.