Toews wants the Blackhawks to play "pissed off" - LA Kings Insider

Joel Quenneville, on whether they need to reign in Andrew Shaw at the start of the game:
We talk about that just about every game. Discipline is always the key and we took a couple penalties that aren’t necessarily our style of game play last game. Going forward, we always want to stay out of the box, especially against their power play. So let’s be smart about it. We want to play hard. We want to make sure there is intensity and that we’re hard to play against, but at the same time between the whistles and no unnecessary penalties.

Quenneville, on Michal Handzus’ play in the series:
I think he’s been pretty good. I think in penalty killing he’s been outstanding. Defensively, he gets a lot of responsibility in our own end and some assignments against top lines as well. His production, I think that’s what we’ve got him out there for, to be defensively responsible and to provide that safety on that line.

Quenneville, on matching up against Los Angeles’ scoring depth:
They’ve got balance in their team and they’ve got four lines that can all score. They can all play a certain way, and I think that consistency in their lineup is a good challenge for us. I think we’re kind of comparable in our lines and our team make up and comparable in the way we play. Every shift is important. We found last game that if you’re a little bit off, then all the sudden they showed that they’re capable of scoring and scoring in bunches.

Quenneville, on Patrick Sharp’s play:
He’s been alright. I think goal scorers when they don’t score sometimes can press a little bit. You’re still looking for that regular shift predictability. In the playoffs, certain guys they get nullified. Top guys get a lot more attention than other guys. You have to fight through it and make a contribution as best you can.

Jonathan Toews, on the team’s mindset heading into Game 3:
We’re excited to play. We’re excited to have an opportunity to redeem ourselves, to get back to playing the way we can and the way we did earlier in that game in Game 2. We know it’s going to be tough to win here on the road. They’ll be excited to be in their own building, so we have to be ready for that. Like I said, it just feels like these three games have taken a long time. Now we’ll kind of get in the swing of things going every other day and we’re excited to get in that routine.

Toews, on whether they need to improve in faceoffs:
Yeah, that’s something we need to focus on. We clearly weren’t good enough last game. We’ll work at it tonight to make sure our centermen, but not only our centermen, our wingers are ready to jump in and be better in that are tonight.

Toews, on Jonathan Quick’s save on Brent Seabrook in Game 2:
We expect Quick to make one or two saves like that a game. It’s the type of goalie he can be. With his athleticism, he can make acrobatic saves. We were still up 2-0 at that point, so it didn’t deflate us. If it gave them momentum, that’s one thing but I don’t think it’s something that worried us too much. It’s going to happen. We’ll just keep putting pucks on him and hopefully they’ll eventually go in.

Toews, on whether they feed off of the opposing crowd:
It’s always something you need to try to take away from the other team as much as you can. It’s something that they will feed off of too. It’s part of playing on the road. You have to be excited about being in that hostile environment. I guess it’s the challenge we’re looking forward to taking on today.

Toews, on whether their belief in themselves wavers:
Not at all, it’s never over until it’s over. We’re still in a pretty darned good spot in the series. It’s up to us and how bad we want it. That’s that, you don’t think that much more about it than that. You don’t want to let them take control of the series and to start dictating things. It’s all about that mindset.

Toews, on what Andrew Shaw brings to their lineup:
He’s definitely going to be excited. He’s got a lot of energy. He brings that physicality, he gets under players’ skin and he can score big goals. We’re looking for all those things even though he’s missed quite a bit of time. That’s pretty much the game we expect from him.

Toews, on whether they need to reign in Andrew Shaw at the start of the game:
I think that’s part of it, but we want to play determined. We want to play pissed off considering how we played in the last game late in the game. At the same time, you have to contain that emotion and not let it be a detriment or bring you back in any ways. Shaw is one of those guys. He’s got to be controlled out there. He’s got to be smart. We want him to stay out of the box, but at the same time there are a lot of things guys like him can do to give us energy.

Toews, on what he says to the team before Game 3:
Not just myself, I think it’s everyone in that room. I think everyone knows we can be better. It goes without saying, today we all understand what we kind of let go of in Game 2. We moved past that, it’s time to focus on Game 3.