May 3 media availability: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the appeal of a Los Angeles – Anaheim series:
I think it’s obviously a great thing because obviously the teams are so close. It’d be like baseball teams playing each other in the first round. And then also in the fact that they haven’t played each other. If it was in the Midwest, you wouldn’t be talking about it – St. Louis and Chicago or Chicago and Detroit, you wouldn’t be talking about it. Because it’s the first time, and it’s not considered a hockey climate, then it’s what everybody’s wanted for years. Hey, people can go to the bar and watch their own team.

On rivalries being built in the playoffs:
They are. It’s a fact. I mean, anything else is not. I went through it enough in the Norris Division 30 years ago, and I went through it in Edmonton and Calgary. Until you play [in the playoffs], there’s not a rivalry. And, quite honest, with the way game is now, a lot of guys are neighbors.

On whether preparation changes when the opposing starting goalie is unclear:
I think we’re well prepared for both goalies. We know both of them well [through] the five games this year. Obviously we’re really familiar with Hiller – everybody is over the years, not just this group. You get hundreds of hour of video. You can watch as much on them, you can be as well prepared as we can.

On whether having seen Frederik Andersen three times makes a difference:
I don’t know if it makes a difference or not. Again, you break down series. The recent effect is way more important than if he hadn’t played against us. We had just seen him in a series, so you get to see a lot of that.

On resetting after an “emotionally charged” series against San Jose:
It’s been a strength of our players. Really, very, very evident, not just over this year, but even last year in the 48-game [schedule] and the year before. They’re able to process what went on in a game, and use what we need and not use what we don’t need. It’s never, ever been a concern or an issue.