Kings also facing pressure, says Brown - LA Kings Insider

The San Jose Sharks, having built up a three-nothing series lead, would be feeling the most pressure in the lead-up to Game 7, right? Perhaps. Dustin Brown acknowledges the circumstances surrounding the series’ development and notes that pressure “depends on which way you look at it.”

Based on expectations within the Kings’ room, there’s certainly pressure on the visiting team, never mind the fact that they climbed back into the series following a three-nothing deficit.

“They’re on home ice and had a 3-0 lead, but we’ve battled all this way,” Brown said. “Everyone talks about this history of this, at the end of the day we have our own internal pressure. We didn’t expect to go down 3-0. We didn’t expect to lose in the first round. That still holds true given the way the series has unfolded. Nothing has changed for us as well.”

Dustin Brown, on momentum:
I think momentum is game to game, quite honestly. Especially this time of year, I think momentum with these two teams is very game-to-game because both teams have been battle tested in the playoffs. If one team was maybe a little less experienced, I think momentum comes more into it.

Brown, on the rivalry with San Jose:
It’s the result of playing each other in the playoffs, I think. Everyone talks about Kings-Ducks a lot because of the proximity to each other, and I think in their histories the teams have never played each other in the playoffs. It lends itself to that regular season rivalry, which doesn’t compare to playing the Sharks three out of the last four.

Brown, on setting a tone with the players before Game 7:
I think the one thing we have here is a group of guys who have been together for an extended period of time. I think it lends itself to these pressure moments, knowing each other very well. Not much needs to be said. It’s just about going about your job individually. When you’ve been together and been through it all together, that goes a long way in trusting each other to do the job.