April 30 postgame quotes: Dustin Brown - LA Kings Insider

On Jonathan Quick’s performance:
I think if you ask Quickie, he probably didn’t play as well as he would have liked early on in the series. But at the end of the day, there are 19 guys who had his back and it’s a microcosm of what he’s about. He’s very unflappable. He just keeps battling. Tonight he made a save on Marleau that probably changed the whole outlook of the game.

On looking forward to playing Anaheim:
Like I said, it’s different playing them in the regular season. We’ve never had a chance to play them in the postseason. Postseason hockey is just different. It’s a different animal and we have to be ready. They were the top team in the Western Conference or at least our division, I can’t really remember. It’s one of those things where they’re a good team.

On being the fourth team in NHL history to win a series by overcoming a 3-0 deficit:
It’s one of those things you’ll probably look back on when you’re done playing. Right now, we’re excited about just advancing because at the end of the day that’s what it was about. It wasn’t about making history or doing that sort of thing. It just kind of happened for us and now we have to get prepared again. We’ll look back on it and then it will probably be a little more surprising.

On the series victory reflecting the team’s character:
I think it shows what type of team we have in here. Whether its fans or media or whoever, sometimes it doesn’t always look very bright but – unfortunately found ways to dig ourselves into a hole – but we always find a way to climb on each others’ backs and climb out. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about with this team.