April 29 media availability: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On how the team has turned the series around and seized momentum:
I’ve said it lots in this series. The teams are too close. I don’t think there’s momentum from game-to-game. There’s momentum during games. I think that’s evident from watching the games.

On “a lot of players” with Game 7 experience:
Unless you tell me who they are, I can’t tell you who they are. [Reporter: Williams, Richards, Carter, Mitchell.] Played a lot of playoff games in the last two years, so I don’t know [if] Game 7 has any more bearing than somebody that hasn’t played one game.

On whether he’s excited for Game 7:
We’re trying to win a series. [Reporter: But is that exciting?] It’s what we’re trying to do. It doesn’t matter. We’re just trying to win the series. [Reporter: Whether it’s 0-3, or 3-0.] Yeah, that’s what you’re trying to do. That’s why it’s called four-out-of-seven. It’s not two-out-of-three or three-out-of-five. It’s four-out-of-seven, and the way the divisions are now, the division is a tough division. The team that finished first advanced in this division. The teams that are second and third are going to have to go to Game 7 to see who advances. And then they’ve got to play each other. Tough division.

On Drew Doughty’s third period efforts in Game 6:
It’s probably just the amount he had to play – both him and Slava. They both played 25 minutes last night, so going into the third that means that one of them was on the ice all the time in the third period. Close game, one-one game for the most part, third period, that means that not just those guys were on the ice, San Jose’s top guys are on the ice, too, so it’s not like you’re getting shifts off.