April 18 practice quotes: Martinez, Clifford - LA Kings Insider

Alec Martinez, on handling San Jose’s size and speed:
They’re a good hockey club. We knew that they were going to come out hard, especially in their building. We didn’t do a very good job of weathering the storm. We’ll learn from it and that’s why there are seven games. We’ll learn from and we had a good practice today and we’ll have another good one tomorrow. We’ll get back in there and play our game.

Martinez, on what the team did in the third period:
Well I think that’s it, we started to generate some zone time. I don’t think we had that very much in the first two periods. We started to get a few more shots at the net. I think we did a lot better job of getting pucks behind their D and getting to work and getting in on the forecheck as five guys. I think that’s something that we have to do better on Sunday.

Martinez, on what allowed for San Jose’s odd-man rushes:
You can’t have those, especially against that team. They’re really good off the rush. They generate a lot of opportunities and they definitely have a lot of fire power that can make plays off the rush up front, and they also have the D-men that get up in there and make good plays. I think that’s a result of us not having, I guess, detail to our game and just general sloppiness I guess. We’ll take a good focus and regroup and be ready next game.

Martinez, on dealing with the power outage in the arena:
That doesn’t matter. They had the same conditions. The same thing happened to them. So that’s no excuse.

Martinez, on Jonathan Quick:
I don’t think we played very well in front of him. I think those goals were a byproduct of the team in front of him not playing well. It wasn’t on Quickie. But obviously, he’s one of the best goaltenders in the world and we have all the confidence in the world in him. He’ll play really well Sunday.

Kyle Clifford, on what led to San Jose’s odd-man rushes:
It’s definitely not our style of game and I think we just have to fix a few minor details and be ready to go for Sunday.

Clifford, on the physicality of Game 1:
We knew it was going to be physical right from the start. I thought we did a pretty good job of managing that. You look at Kopi had nine hits and right from the top down. We’re going to continue that.

Clifford, on the SAP Center being a tough building to play in:
Yeah, they’ve got a lot of energy. I wouldn’t say it’s tougher than a team like ours. We feed off that energy. It doesn’t matter what building we’re in, we’re just ready to go.

Clifford, on Raffi Torres having impact on the game:
He’s an energy guy and we knew what to expect from their guys, from their big players and from their role players. We just have to get on them and get on their defense and do a little better job all around.