March 31 postgame quotes: Minnesota - LA Kings Insider

Mike Yeo, on the comeback win:
It was a real impressive character win as far as I’m concerned. When you’re battling all game, you lose a couple guys and let’s not kid ourselves we’re playing against a pretty darn good hockey team, a team that’s very good when they’re playing with the lead. But our guys stayed with it. I thought there was a brief period in the second period where you could tell there was a bit of a, I don’t want to say frustration… but you could tell that we almost had a bit of a letdown because we had some great chances and then they end up scoring a goal. Again, for the leadership, for this group to be able to bounce back and find a way to kind of recapture our game and stay with it in the third period, it says a lot about our group.

Mike Yeo, on Matt Moulson’s roughing penalty on Jake Muzzin:
That was a great kill. You could tell that our guys, fist off you don’t want to be shorthanded in that situation, but at the same time that stuff builds team chemistry. When you see a guy like that who, whenever you see someone who goes outside of what’s normal for them and they’re doing it for the team – for me personally, the way I saw our killers go out on that kill and then for him to get that goal in the third period – I thought it was great.

Yeo, on Jake Muzzin not being assessed a penalty for multiple hits:
I would have to watch it again to be honest you. When I watched it live – and obviously I’m probably a little bit biased because it’s our guys and I don’t like seeing our guys get hurt or get hurt like that – so I don’t know. I’d have to watch it again.

Matt Moulson, on the come from behind win boosting confidence:
We talked about it before the Phoenix game, making sure we were sticking to our game no matter what. I thought we did a great job of digging it in that third. We had a short bench and it was a big win. We had guys blocking shots out there and Mikko with the big goal. As cliché as it was, it was a great team win tonight.

Moulson, on scoring a goal against his brother-in-law Jonathan Quick:
It’s always good to score a goal. He’s stopped me a lot more times than I’ve scored on him. He also has a couple trophies that I don’t have as well, so I don’t think I will do too much bragging.

Moulson, on his roughing penalty against Jake Muzzin:
I just kind of came in there after he hit Pommer. It was a little tackle job I guess.

Mikko Koivu, on the win:
Obviously you don’t want to be behind, but it shows that we believe in what we do. I think we were right there, even when we were down. We were able to create offensively and I thought defensively we were tight and as were they. Overall, I thought it was a good hockey game. It was obviously big for our confidence to get a win over a team like LA. They’re very deep and obviously have lots of experience and they proved they’re a good hockey team. Like I said, I’m real proud of our group.

Zach Parise, on the win creating confidence:
I think so. They play really well in here. It’s a hard team to play against and a hard building to win in. Again, I like the way we played. We clogged up the neutral zone a lot. We were quick in the neutral zone in our transition. We didn’t mess around with the puck. We didn’t turn it over at the blue line. That made us fast. They had a hard time with that.