March 31 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On conceding the lead in the third period despite being a good third period team:
Actually, we were better in the third than we were in the first. [Reporter: Is there any concern, though, that twice in the last three weeks-] No, I never even think about it like that.

On whether Minnesota was more “desperate”:
Yeah, I thought that they were whatever you want to call that in the first period – their sense of urgency. We were lucky that it was still whatever the score was after the first.

On Minnesota’s ability to get behind Los Angeles’ defense:
It’s not ‘defense.’ It’s ‘checking.’ There are some puck battles and there are tough parts of the game that you have to be able to control or tie, and we had a lot of guys not into that tonight.

On whether Los Angeles is playoff-ready:
Untill you get that ‘x’ beside it, you’re not a playoff team.

On Minnesota making it tough to get through the neutral zone:
We turned a lot of pucks over in neutral, and as I said, we did it early in the game and it affected the whole game. It had nothing to do with the third period. It was the first period.