February 27 postgame quotes: Robyn Regehr - LA Kings Insider

On whether it felt “weird” returning to Calgary:
A little bit. I think being a couple years removed from being traded, and then having faced Calgary a number of times already – first in Buffalo and then I believe last year with the Kings in LA. It wasn’t as awkward a feeling as it was the first time when I played them in Buffalo. I know it was probably a lot different for a like Jarome [Iginla], for example, who got traded then came back right away. Yeah, it was just a little bit of a weird feeling to be back in the Saddledome. I played a lot of games in here.

On whether he anticipated the scoreboard tribute:
I had a little bit of a heads up from Craig Conroy. He made the trip down to LA, probably three or four weeks ago now, for the 1000th game and presented me with a really nice painting that they did. I talked with him a little bit after, and I just said ‘Do you guys have anything planned?’ And he said yes, and I said ‘As long as you don’t grab a mic and start talking I think I’ll be okay.’ Because that could’ve taken a little while, but he mentioned there was going to be just something there and it was really nice of them. It was very nice of the fans to give me a little bit of a salute and I really enjoyed it.

On returning to Calgary for the first time as an opponent:
Sports fans have a tendency to have short memories for some things, but then long for others. I think just being a few years out. It just was a little bit different feeling for me. But it was really nice to be back here and to play in this rink and to win a game in this rink again.

On whether he was happy with the team’s adjustments from Wednesday’s win:
Not really in the first two periods. I thought we got out played quite a bit in the first two periods. We didn’t really have much offensive zone time and that was a combination of things. We didn’t do a very good job coming out of our zone and through the neutral zone. But you got to give a little bit of credit to Calgary too, they played a pretty solid game coming out of their zone. I thought we managed to do a little better job in the third and kind of level the playing field a little bit. But the first star of the game was Jonathan, no doubt about it. He was very solid, even when we were on our heels a little bit. He made the saves that we really needed him to, and I thought he was great there tonight.