January 30 postgame quotes: Pittsburgh - LA Kings Insider

Jeff Zatkoff, on it being special to get a win against Los Angeles:
Yeah, I think so. Anytime you’re able to play against your old team – I know I never played any regular season games – but I spent a lot of time in this organization and they’re a big part of the reason why I’m here today with this organization. They put me in an opportunity to succeed in Manch and they gave me two of the best goalie coaches in the game with Bill Ranford and Kim Dillabaugh that I was able to work with for five, six years. So I owe a lot to them, but things didn’t work out here and got a fresh start in Pittsburgh. To be able to come back and – I’ve been really fortunate to have a great goalie coach here now in Mike Bales, so I think I’m three-for-three on goalie coaches – but this one means a little extra something just playing against some of the guys you know.

Zatkoff, on being able to play in front of his mother:
Yeah, I think that’s not just for myself, but that’s for everyone. We wanted to play well for them and an excuse to do it again the next time. So we got the first one out of the way and still have one more to go in Phoenix, but it was nice that – just a real complete game from start to finish. Really shut down their odd-man rushes, blocked a lot of shots, and did a great job just controlling the game.

Zatkoff, on the saves he made in the third period:
We knew they were going to push. I think when you have a three goal cushion – they probably weren’t happy with where they were sitting after two. So it’s something that you kind of expect and you just have to be ready for it and try to make that save at the right time to keep the momentum going your way and prevent them from kind of drawing closer in the game.

Zatkoff, on being roommates with Martin Jones in Manchester:
I was. His first year we roomed together. Jonesy and I played together two years, three years, a good friend of mine. I texted him yesterday. Obviously so happy for him, he’s a great goalie. I thought he deserved to be here right from the start and it’s nice to see him get that opportunity and make the most of it and really show his potential – and really, how good he is.

Jussi Jokinen, on getting an early lead:
Against teams like this, getting a lead is huge. If they get a lead, they know how to play and it can be tough. I think that was one of our goals and we had a really good first period. We get the lead and they came back, but we got two big power play goals and after that we played, I think, a pretty good second and a decent third. I think that Zatkoff was great in the net for the third period for us.

Jokinen, on registering a goal and two assists in the first period:
I had a personally good first period just like our whole team. So I probably have to fly my mother here more than once a year.

Dan Bylsma, on his impressions of Jonathan Quick:
I was asked this question after the Buffalo game and I’ve seen Ryan [Miller] and now I’ve seen Jonathan here today. It’s one game I get to see him live, but I also saw his Phoenix game. I saw his San Jose shutout. I watched all his game here today. Obviously, I think it was six or seven shots in the first and three go in and it’s not a good outing for him, but he’s got a body of work that’s more than just this game.

Bylsma, on Jeff Zatkoff:
Jeff against his former team and former organization and the opportunity to go in there, I thought through the first 25 minutes of the game he was solid. Didn’t have a lot of – they had some shots, but not a lot getting through. The second half of the game – he made several big saves and a key save against Williams there in the third period, big glove save at that point in the game. I think the guys were fighting hard for Zats there throughout the game and throughout the end, just trying to get him the win.

Bylsma, on paying attention to Team USA players when he coaches against them:
It’s been different from the start of the season. When you play the Rangers and you’re watching them – the guys on their team like Callahan and Stepan and McDonagh – you look at them. They’re guys you’ve battle against and maybe not liked in the past, but you look over and you see guys that how they’re playing and you pay attention to their whole game. And even when you’re watching scout games, you’re watching these guys and even cheering for them a little bit. The same thing tonight, you see Dustin over there and Jonathan. You’re watching a little bit more closely, but I wasn’t cheering for them tonight. You do watch a much differently when you know down the road you’re going to be possibly on the same team.