December 31 postgame quotes: Ben Scrivens - LA Kings Insider

On how to snap the losing streak:
You don’t focus too much on results. Obviously we want to win, but you have to make sure you’re focusing on the process and getting back to doing things properly. I think we’ve made some strides in the right direction the last two – the last two or three actually. We just have to find a way to break through and start another streak in the positive direction.

On fixing the small things:
It’s just how things go throughout a season. You have highs and lows and obviously when things are going well you’re trying to just maintain. Personally when you’re in a stretch where things aren’t going you’re way, you have to work hard in practice and make sure you’re focusing on those things when you get a chance in the games. It’s nothing new for myself personally, every player goes through it. It’s part of being a professional.

On if he noticed the team’s game slipping before the losing streak:
I leave that kind of stuff up to the coaches to break down how things are going systems wise and whether or not things are slipping. All I can focus on is how I’m playing and how I’m practicing and preparing. I’ll kind of defer to the coaches. That’d probably be a good question for them, rather than myself to answer.

On his evaluation of his play at the midway point in the season:
Obviously highs and lows, pretty proud of some performances and by and large I’m happy with how things have gone, but there’s always room for improvement. I’m looking forward to a good second half working with Billy and Kim and trying to get even better personally.