Sutter plans on riding Scrivens, brings up Glenn Hall - LA Kings Insider

A goaltending discussion with Darryl Sutter on Friday evolved into an appreciation Glenn Hall’s insurmountable 502 consecutive games played streak, as well as the lengthy career of the player Sutter called “probably the greatest goalie ever.”

Prior to reminiscing about Hall, Sutter provided some valuable insight towards how he plans on using Ben Scrivens in Jonathan Quick’s absence. Those pushing for Martin Jones to receive an occasional start may want to avert their eyes.

On whether Ben Scrivens could play every game in Jonathan Quick’s absence:
Yeah. Our schedule – we play three back-to-backs in December, but…days in between games, we go two, three, two, four, Christmas. Really, there’s 15 games, counting November 30, in 32 days. It’s set up for one guy. But I don’t even look at it. I look at it like it’s tomorrow. It’s too fine a line. He’d like to have a goal back last game. A great goalie told me – probably the greatest goalie ever, and he played over 500 straight – he told me, ‘It’s not what the goalie does when he’s out of the net with the puck. It’s what he does to get back into the net,’ and he was right. [Reporter: I think I have a bobblehead doll of him at home.] Glenn?

On Glenn Hall:
We still see him. My brothers and I and him stay close and [we] bring him to our golf tournaments. Him and my dad were like two years apart. He’s still on the farm, outside of Fort Saskatchewan.

On Hall’s consecutive games played record:
Never even touch it, and they base that on regular seasons…[He] played every preseason game, every one. He played every playoff game. When you think about it, in those days even though the schedule was 50-to-70 games, but even when he was in his 40’s, he went to St. Louis, and when Bobby Orr scored the jumping-in-the-air goal, that’s Glenn Hall. So when you think about what he did for 50-60-70’s, it’s pretty incredible. And, if you talked to him, a lot of the time he wasn’t sure if he was going to play the next year. [He would] go back to the farm, and he wasn’t really sure he was going to play. He was a star in the sport, but he was making $7,000 [thinking] ‘I can do that on the farm.’ Pretty incredible actually, Hey, there were three or four of those guys, probably, when you look at it. Sawchuk. Glenn Hall. And they played together, off-and-on.