October 30 postgame quotes: Justin Williams - LA Kings Insider

On whether there’s a different kind of intensity in games against San Jose:
It’s a different type of intensity because they’ve established themselves as the best team in the Western Conference so far this season. We needed a come-from-behind win, and we got it. It took us 64 minutes, but eventually we got it done.

On the limited space against San Jose:
I mean, it’s a battle. There’s not a free inch of ice out there, it seems. You’ve got to work for everything, especially in the offensive zone against them. They’re a tough team to play, obviously. Their record is what it is, and I’m happy with the way we responded with a big game.

On what the team can build on for Nashville on Saturday:
Well, consistency. We won here on home ice. Home ice has got to be a tough place for teams to come and play. We need to keep pace in the Western Conference, and we’ll need another big game.

On whether it was the team’s best effort of the season:
I thought it was a strong effort. It’s tough to gauge, really, at this point. But as far as a team effort and not giving up and getting down a goal three times and coming out with a win was I think really important for our team.

On whether it helped to play a rival at home after coming off a loss:
Sure. Every game should get your blood boiling, but these just have an extra added incentive, if you will. They’re a tough team, and we don’t want to have anyone come in to our house and push around out there. As I said, I’m happy with the way we responded.

On the emotion of the game:
It’s a big game. Conference leaders, playoff rivalry the past few years, you’ve got to get up for these games, and I’m proud of the way we played.