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The Kings visited Children’s Hospital Los Angeles earlier this week, and I wrote about their experience as part of my weekly feature on the main site.

Without trying to elevate the recognition that the players deserve over the needs of the children they visited – there were some very heavy situations that the players encountered, which included speaking to kids that were literally fighting for their lives – something needs to be said about the ability for these players to walk into a room, address a child and a family going through debilitating physical and emotional trauma, and eventually leave the room after having connected with the kids and having put smiles on their faces. Kings of CHLA

Make sure to tune into Kings Weekly on Thursday, November 7 to learn more about the Kings’ partnership with CHLA, and to watch Alex Curry’s ride along to the hospital with Williams.

Click on the links for more information on Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the KingsCare Foundation.

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