October 9 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On whether there was a “natural letdown” after the first period:
No, not really. I thought we had a really good second period, too.

On the team’s five-on-five play:
We drew penalties that allowed us to score goals five on five, so I’m not too caught up in that. We’ve scored enough goals to win every game, quite honest.

On whether the team was successful in moving it’s feet:
Yeah, that’s how you’ve got to play the game. You’ve got to move your feet.

On Alec Martinez’s game:
I thought he had a good game for us. As we said before when he plays well, hopefully he can find the little bit of that confidence where he can sustain that.

On how the team improved from the previous three games:
Not much difference. I mean, score four goals, you should win. That’s the way it is.

On whether he was satisfied with the changes to “the bottom three lines”:
We tried to just get a little bit more balance in there. I won’t really think about that until we watch the game tomorrow on the plane.

On what positives he took from the game:
Jeez, we won. [Reporter: Besides the two points, obviously.] I think Dustin Brown scored two goals, Jeff scored two goals. Jeez, isn’t that good? I mean, you’ve got to find something positive. You’ve got to write about us. You’ve got to start saying something good.

On a previous assessment about Dustin Brown that points weren’t as important as his physical play:
Well, the first goal he scored, isn’t that being physical? You come out of the penalty box… [Reporter: I’m not saying he wasn’t.] Because you could get drilled. So that is being physical? It isn’t always hitting guys. [Reporter: I wasn’t saying that, either.] So I am. When he’s driving the net, then that’s the physical part of it. You want guys cutting to the net. How does Jeff Carter score his goals? Standing in front…I’d say he competes like hell to score.

On whether there’s such a thing as an “ugly two points”:
There were seven goals scored tonight. Generally, you’d call that ‘wow.’ You might call that sexy, even. [Reporter: I’ve got to think about that one.] You wouldn’t call it ‘ugly.’ Good lookin’.

On being up 3-0 and “letting it get away”:
We didn’t let it ‘get away.’ We made mistakes below the goal line, and they scored on the power play. We scored two out of three goals on the power play, and you knew the referee at some point was going to come back. We killed one, Brownie comes out of the box and scores. There wasn’t much difference in the game. Now you’re getting into stats. You guys have got to listen to what you’re told. If you’re not watching instead of reading, listen better.

On whether he’s “concerned about Frattin”:
No, I think he played strong again tonight. We moved him back to the right side, and that line was pretty good. They got scored on that one time – we’d like to have that play back down low there. Clifford and Frattin were both fine.

On the upcoming road games:
Tough travel tomorrow. Nine o’clock flight, which is actually 12:00, which gets you in there at 4:30, and it’s a long ways to fly and play in the National Hockey League.

On what stands out in the upcoming road trip:
No, I think…it’s interesting we play all those teams in the first month that we never played at all last year. We played Winnipeg, Rangers, Ottawa, Carolina, Tampa, Florida, all teams we haven’t seen for two years. I think we’re looking forward to this, just getting through how hard it is. [Reporter: How about playing teams you haven’t played in a long time? Does that make it a little more difficult to prepare for?] No, I don’t think so. I think that with the access to everything that we have now in terms of video and pre-scout and familiarity with players, not really.