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73 games will be broadcast by FOX Sports West this season, which means that the friendly, accurate and detailed accounts of Kings hockey provided by Bob Miller and Jim Fox will once again resonate through living rooms across Southern California and points beyond.

The broadcasting tandem has been paired together since the 1990-91 season, and to offer a glimpse of the care and commitment that they each bring to the broadcast – as well as the outstanding work by those within the FOX Sports West family – I chatted with the two Southern California broadcasting legends, as well as Daily News columnist Tom Hoffarth, to gain a better understanding of the means used to so accurately and passionately depict the fast-paced action on the ice.

Hoffarth, who also writes a weekly media column, articulated the way Miller has been able to endear himself to Kings fans:

“You wouldn’t know probably in Southern California just what a hockey broadcaster is supposed to be like until you listen to Bob because you would think that with a fast paced game you’d have to be like Chick Hearn and be high energy, and be on top of everything, and be like a circus barker sometimes, and Bob is never going to be that way,” Hoffarth said. “That’s great for us, and it’s great that the Hockey Hall of Fame figured it out that that’s probably one of the reasons why hockey has sustained itself so long in Southern California – because of Bob’s presence and history with the team and with the sport.” Their Words

BONUS: I really enjoyed my conversation with Fox in putting this feature together – and there were so many interesting topics on broadcasting topics and practices that I was unable to raise in the feature – so I uploaded the entirety of the audio to LAKI. There are some very interesting topics here, and I hope you’ll give the entire interview a listen.

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