June 1 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On how he reacted to the team being outshot 17-2 in the first period:
“Fortunate. How do I react? Just like normal. You should say, ‘How do you feel?’ [Reporter: How did you feel after that?] Fortunate.”

On whether the team was able to execute its own “style” in Game 1:
“I thought we were making progress as we went along. We had guys fall off. Shifts fell off primarily from the top end of our lineup. It’s tough to sustain it.”

On juggling lines and whether he still wants more from his left side:
“I didn’t look at it like that. It was more the way our lines are set up, the way some of our top guys were playing. Having trouble keeping up.”

On Jarret Stoll’s performance:
“I think what I said this morning – it’s not just putting Jarret Stoll in the lineup. Jarret Stoll has to give us a quality performance in terms of what his role is on our team. I think it showed that he’d been out for a couple weeks.”

On whether it feels like “one got away,” considering the team held the lead on the road:
“You know what? If we could have tied it up late, similar to other road games we played, quite honest, it’s another 2-1 game.”

On whether Chicago’s best players outplayed Los Angeles’ best players:
“I think the two guys that scored for them are going to score goals. We have guys that have to score goals. That’s how close it will be.”