June 1 media availability: Dustin Brown - LA Kings Insider

On the mid-afternoon start time:
“I think a 4:00 game, that’s something different probably for both teams. Playing in this building in the regular season – I think it’ll probably be pretty electric in there tonight. For us, it’s no pre-game skate. We’ve had a couple days off, so we’re well-rested. I think early on it’s about doing the simple things really, really well because they have their home crowd behind them and will be amped up. It’s a matter of sustaining our game plan.”

On the importance of several days off between the second and third rounds:
“Yeah, I think it’s huge probably more so from a mental part. I mean, you get into this time of year and every game is so important. There’s the stress level and the intensity of every game. It’s so much different than the regular season, where you can play four games in seven days and you’re all right because it’s a regular season game. Here, when you’re not playing, you’re thinking about it. That can wear on you, so you get a couple days where you go home and you don’t come to the rink and you don’t think about hockey for one or two days. It really refreshes your mind. I think it’s more important from a mental standpoint for most guys.”

On whether he is “taking stock” and reflecting on what the team has accomplished:
“I mean, it was kind of like what we did last year. You don’t really think about what you do until you’re done with it and you have time to really sit back and reflect on it. I think we understand we’ve gotten this far for a reason. It’s more trying to stay in that mindframe of what we need to do to win.”

On the gamesmanship and quotes read through the media this time of year:
“I don’t read the media. [Reporter: They were talking about clutching and grabbing yesterday.] People pump you up or tear you down depending on which way they want to go, so I think a lot of guys in here, we don’t really pay attention to what the media’s saying or what the their team’s saying. It’s more about what we need to do in our room.”

On Jarret Stoll:
“Stolly, you look at our faceoff percentage last series – it’s down quite a bit. He’s a big part of that. I think we got above 50% in one game. But he also provides a lot of vocal leadership. He’s traveling with us, and that makes a big difference. Early on in the San Jose series obviously he wasn’t going to be traveling. He’s one of those guys that can even have a presence when he’s not playing – in the morning meals and talking to guys – so he still has an effect on our team even if he’s not in the lineup. But it’d be huge for us from an X’s and O’s standpoint – we’re strong up the middle. A lot of that’s because he’s in the three-spot.”

On what changes have to be made on the road:
“One, we’ve got to score more than one goal. I mean, you look at all the games on the road this year we’ve lost – we’ve only scored one goal. And to do that, it starts in our own end. I mean, we spent way too much time in our own end against San Jose, and it’s a hard way to play when you’re defending and using all your energy on the defensive side. We’ve got to try to be in and out of our zone quicker, and that will lead to more offense.”