June 1 media availability: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the 4:00 start time:
“We’ve had four to 8:30 starts, right? It doesn’t affect nothing, really. We’re…here Thursday, practice Friday. Did some film work last night. Breakfast and go play.”

On whether we’ll “have to wait for the anthem” to see if Jarret Stoll is playing:
“Yeah. We don’t talk about injuries. It doesn’t matter who it is.”

On whether last season’s road success is more impressive in retrospect:
“Last year? Not really. You have to win a lot of different ways. We’ve done it this year, too.”

On what Stoll would bring to the lineup should he be available to play:
“Well, if he’s effective, he adds us a good checking centerman. If he’s not, he doesn’t. We went down this road, same questions – just flip Greene for Stoll – a little while ago. It’s the very same. It’s a veteran player with some experience, but if they’re not bringing that in terms of performance, then it doesn’t really matter. They have no value in your lineup.”

On whether Los Angeles’ efforts will be to slow Chicago down through the neutral zone:
“Every good defensive team plays well in the neutral zone. I know that the spotlight is on where the two nets are, but from the top of the circles to the top of the circles – it’s why the four teams are still playing. They’re very effective in those areas.”