March 31 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On why Brad Richardson was inserted into the lineup:
“[We wanted] some energy and some speed…He’s one of those guys – hey, you know what? He and I have a good relationship and I feel bad not playing him. He’s a guy that can play anywhere in your lineup, and it’s just sort of been hard for him.”

On Dustin Penner’s performance:
“He was good in his six-furlong stuff. As soon as he started to get into that seven-furlong stuff, then it was a little tougher.”

On the importance of starting with a strong shift after the way Saturday’s game ended:
“It had no bearing. We played well enough to win last night, too. It had no bearing on [anything]. We were in a good frame of mind by the time we were five minutes after the game yesterday.”

On limiting Dallas’ shots in the second period:
“You know, we really try not to concentrate on what the other team does. Most teams try and outshoot their opponent. Some nights you do, and some nights you don’t. But we’re a team that tries to put lots of pucks at the net. So we were good at it again tonight.”

On Jonathan Bernier’s performance:
“He was solid. That’s what we want, right? We want our goalies to give us a chance to win. I look at it last night – we lost six-four. That’s how I look at it. Tonight we won three-two.”

On the NHL being “a three-two league”.
“Yeah, that’s right. While we were hanging on, you could see we were tired. We were just getting by on it.”