March 28 postgame quotes: Trevor Lewis - LA Kings Insider

On his goal:
“Kinger made a good play on the wall to Stoli. I was just driving the net and knew Stoli was going to shoot it, and I think it deflected off their guy and it was just kind of bouncing there and I was hacking and whacking. I got a lucky bounce and it went in.”

On Stoll “bunting” the puck out of mid-air to start the play:
“Yeah, it was good hand-eye coordination there. Like I said, it was a good play by Kinger and an even better play by Stoli.”

On how a penalty kill in a tied game late in the third period is approached:
“I think you bear down a little bit more. You try to bear down all the time, but late in the game, you don’t want to give up one. I think you focus a little more and bear down a little more.

On Brown’s goal quickly following a big save by Quick at the opposite end of the ice:
“Quickie’s been awesome, especially as of late. It’s nice to reward him aftera big save like that and get a couple our way.”

On whether the team’s exudes “calmness” when trailing or tied in late-game situations:
“Yeah, I think so. Obviously we like having the lead. But I think we’ve been in all situations. We kind of know what it takes. Like I said, obviously we’d rather have the lead than be chasing it.”

On whether this was the type of game a team can build off:
Yeah, I think every game now is a playoff game. We’re getting ready for playoffs, and they’re all going to be tough, especially now. Points are so crucial now. Everyone’s looking for points. Tonight had a playoff feel, so we’ve just got to build on it.”