March 28 postgame quotes: Mike Richards - LA Kings Insider

On his game-winner:
“I’m not really even sure what happened. Carts made a good play just throwing it at the net and then somehow it just kept on coming back to me and I got lucky there and jammed it in.”

On the team’s “greasy: goals:
“Yeah, that’s a good way to describe it – greasy goals. I think we were getting away from that before, just trying to make too pretty of plays. When you do that, you don’t score as many goals as if you just keep it simple, throw it to the net and get bodies there.”

On what he was thinking during the goal review:
“I actually didn’t even know what they were reviewing. I didn’t know the net came up at all. I just didn’t know what they were doing.”

On whether he was surprised that the puck went in:
“I had seen it go in. But like I said, I didn’t know what they were reviewing. I didn’t see the net, so I wasn’t surprised that it counted.”

On the winning streak against St. Louis:
“Knock on wood. Hopefully it continues. I think both teams bring out the best of each other. It seems there’s always good games [that are] hard, physical, and it’s obviously nice to get that win.”

On the playoff-like atmosphere:
“It was physical. I think you expect it when you play these guys. They’ve got some big forwards that play hard, and we have the same. We’re obviously lucky to come out on top and we played hard and deserved it and matched their physical effort with our physical effort.”

On whether St. Louis was frustrated in the third period:
“Maybe. I think when they got that goal, it started getting them some momentum. They started creating a little bit more, but we didn’t really change much of our game. We just kept on going with what we needed to do and we had some luck. Quickie made some saves and we had some big blocks, and like I said, we got that goal at the end.”

On what “takes over” after he was knocked over by Halak:
“That’s about it. You just look at the puck and poke, poke, poke, and you’re expecting to get hit. You just hope to put it in before you get buried in the back of the net.”