March 28 postgame quotes: Anze Kopitar - LA Kings Insider

On the events in the final minute of the game:
“First of all, those guys missed the empty net twice. That’s what happened first. And then, Justin got the empty netter. He came in – I don’t think it was too late of a hit. But I just wanted to get in there and make sure nothing was happening. After that, a little something broke out, but nothing crazy. We’re all in one piece.”

On whether St. Louis appeared “frustrated”:
“Every time we play them, it’s a physical game, and yeah, that’s the third time we beat them, and I don’t know how many times in a row now. It is what it is. Of course they’re a little frustrated. That’s what happens sometimes at the end of games. It’s not a big deal. Sometimes that slips into a part of the game, and tonight it did.”

On whether the Kings are “starting to own” St. Louis after eight straight wins:
“I think we just really focus on the very next game against them. It’s not like we’re looking back. It’s really just about this team going ahead, so it’s not like we’re looking back. It’s really just about this team going ahead and looking ahead. But yes, it does sound nice, eight in a row.”

On feeding off momentum of a penalty kill in a tied game:
“Every time we kill off a penalty, we feel that momentum switch. That’s where you want to go ahead and push right back. Sometimes when a power play doesn’t score, maybe it’s a little deflating, and if you push back quick enough good things happen, and it did for us tonight.”