March 19 morning skate quotes: Trevor Lewis - LA Kings Insider

On last night’s penalty kill:
“I think they got a good PP breakout, and we’ve got to do a better job of challenging it and making them rim the puck and get pressure right away on them. I think as the game went on, we started to get a little better at it. Turned over a few more pucks. We’ve just got to make sure we’re in shooting lanes and get in those lanes because they want to use cross seams.”

On if there are any general similarities between the penalty kill and five-on-five play:
“I think it’s really similar. It’s hard, aggressive hockey. Obviously, you’re a man down and you’re short and you don’t have a centerman low down there, but I think it’s the same. Guys have got to be good on their points and make sure we’re hard on them and make sure they don’t have time and space.”

On teaming with Mike Richards to keep the puck deep and clogging a passing lane on the PK:
“I just came on. I knew Rick was kind of tired, so I knew he was going to throw it there, and I was just trying to eat and kill some time and wait for Stoli to get on the ice. I got a little bit of time there. They got it by, and I just kind of came back as hard as I could and got a stick in the lane.”

On any emphasis on finishing the game with a kill after San Jose scored a late power play goal:
“I think we take great pride in our penalty killing, all the guys that are on it, everybody that wants to be on it. You never want to get scored on, especially at the end of a game. I think the guys at the end did a great job.”