Name this segment: 1992-93 reflections - LA Kings Insider

As this spring marks the 20th anniversary of the Kings’ first Stanley Cup appearance, I’ll be catching up with members of that team to hear their recollections of the playoff run and will ask them to share their thoughts of their teammates and particular pivotal moments from April, May and June, 1993. Kelly Hrudey has already shared some of his memories of Game 7 of the Campbell Conference Finals in Toronto – a topic that will be revisited – and I have several interviews scheduled with other members of that team, with more to come. The feature will officially debut Monday morning.

I’d love some input from readers and commenters on this site – what would you like these recurring interviews to be named? We already have “Waking up with the Kings”, “Behold”, “Good Morning”, etc. I was leaning towards using a quote of Hrudey’s yesterday – “This feels right” – so that the interview with Jari Kurri would be called “This Feels Right: Jari Kurri”. I trust the readers of this blog to come up with something even better.

Was there a particular quote or a moment from that playoff run that seemed to represent the zeitgeist of that 1992-93 Kings team? Share it in the comments section, and I’ll chime in with a few ideas of my own. Ideal quotes or references would be no more than a few words as to fit on one line of the title bar, with the player’s name included and with no overhang. Hopefully we’ll be able to find the appropriate title that serves as a banner for all 1992-93 Kings discussion.