Heard in the Kings Locker Room - LA Kings Insider

(Re game recap): “You play resilient. You’ve got to win games like that.”

“We only had three penalties tonight which is in the right direction. Its got to be a three or four penalty game to be successful in this league. I didn’t like Brown’s call for sure.”

“I thought [Drewiske] was pretty solid tonight, and I though [Muzzin] had a tough start, and it’s going to be an adjustment for him.”

(Re game recap): “It feels good to get it on home ice, we all know how the first game went and we wanted to come back strong . We had some chances even in the first but everything was from the outside really and in the second half of the second period we started penetrating a little bit and got into a tough area if that’s what you want to call it and it paid off.”

“We’re still not where we were in June last year but it’s definitely a step in the right direction, work on things and I think and everybody else here thinks we can crank it up a notch so we want to make sure to build on this win and roll ahead.”

(Re game recap): “Anytime you get two points it’s a boost of confidence and I think it’s only good for tonight, you get two days in between games now and we got to use our time properly to be able to take the momentum to Thursday night so depending on how we handle the next two days, maybe we’ll carry it over if we do it well.”