Bob Miller's "Favorite" Interview-Poll Results and Answer Revealed! - LA Kings Insider

I had planned to post the segment of the interview that deals with Bob’s favorite interview at the same time as I reveal the poll results, but I am having “technical issues” completing the post…I apologize for that and I will post parts 2 and 3 ASAP…but I do have the results of the vote as of this morning (Saturday 11:40 am)…and Bob’s selection?

Vince Lombardi:  138 votes= 39%

Mickey Mantle:  63 votes= 17.8%

Jesse Owens:  54 votes= 15.3%

Jack Kent Cooke:  51 votes= 14.4%

Louis Zamperini:  48 votes= 13.6%

…Thanks to everyone for voting…Bob’s favorite interview of all time was……………