Kings Staff at the Midnight Mission! - LA Kings Insider

Last week a group from the Kings volunteered to serve lunch at the Midnight Mission in downtown L.A.  I had heard about the Midnight Mission before and I thought they only provided meals to those in need but they do SO MUCH MORE!. Here is The Midnight Mission Statement of Purpose:

–       To offer a bridge to self-sufficiency for homeless people through counseling, education, training and job placement.

–       To make available the necessities of life to homeless people: food, shelter, clothing, personal hygiene needs and medical care.

–       To offer the 12-step approach to recovery.

–       To serve homeless people with empathy and respect, without sermonizing.

–       To provide for the homeless as an independent social service agency.

I invite everyone to check out for more information! Once again, have a great Holiday Season and a special thanks to everyone who makes it work at the Midnight Mission.  Keep up the great work!