Jordan Nolan and Dwight King...Final Thoughts! - LA Kings Insider

Jordan and Dwight wrap thing sup by talking about things you can share after winning a Stanley Cup…playing the role of “pro scout” and breaking down the game of some of the current Monarchs…

JF: Anything that you learned…I will use the phrase from the “once in a lifetime experience”… let’s hope it’s not once in a lifetime, lets hope it’s more…but winning the Cup and then now that you’re in Manchester…we don’t want you to be there…we would rather circumstances be different but because of what’s happened that’s where you are.  What do you think you can take from that Cup experience, when talking about leadership and give to the players you’re playing with in Manchester that you wouldn’t be able to share had you not won the Stanley Cup?

Jordan Nolan: I think just realizing just the hard work you have to put in and the on and off ice, stuff you have to do…all the meals I eat now and the time that I spent in the gym before and after practice, just all the work you put in and just really capitalizing on certain situations when they happen, it’s not every day that you go to the Stanley Cup Final.  I think whether it’s down here in the American League or up there you just want to capitalize on any situation that you’re given…if you’re not a power play player and you’re put on the power play…definitely take advantage of that…if you don’t PK and you’re PKing now, just make everything the best you can because it’s not everyday you’re placed in that situation and you’ve got to take advantage of it.  For myself last year, being called up, take advantage of it, let the coach know you’re there to work, you’re there to help the team out, make sure you’re in that lineup everyday so that’s probably the main thing, take advantage of any situations.

Dwight King: Going through the different stages of the Stanley Cup playoffs to the potential of winning of it, I think just from a player’s standpoint, being able to prepare yourself and focus your energy towards the system and the team.  It’s more of a mindset that you can accomplish…sharing with guys that if you do focus it can help the team in so many other ways that maybe you wouldn’t realize or I wouldn’t have realized if I didn’t go through the experience that we did and being able to share that part as a player with everybody…a lot of good things can be accomplished.

JF: Now I’m going to ask you to play “pro scout” for me and break down the game of the guys who played for the Kings last year.  I’ll just take them one at a time.

Jordan Nolan: Andrei Loktionov.  Break down his game for me.

He’s pretty skilled, gifted, gritty little player…he’s not a big body…but definitely one of the strongest guys on the puck that I ever seen play.  I play with him when I’m in the lineup so I know if I throw the puck in the corner he’s going to come out with it, for sure and find it pretty much anywhere on the ice.  Lok is an extremely hard worker in the gym and he’s really gifted and hard on the stick.

Dwight King: Skilled player, he likes to have open ice, he makes his line-mates better, very shifty, very creative, moves the puck very well and he’s quick so he likes being in open ice and creating a lot of offense.

JF: Slava Voynov.

Jordan Nolan: Slava, he’s obviously very gifted and talented, he’s very confident in his game, sometimes it looks like he might not be working too hard out there but it’s because he’s always in the right position and he’s always doing the right thing and he’s always making it look pretty easy.  He has an unbelievable shot… so he definitely makes the game look easy.

Dwight King: Quick, deceptive, good shot, good passer, he’s very offensive minded, he’s got a pretty good all around game.

F: How about Dwight King/Jordan Nolan?

Jordan Nolan (on Dwight King): Kinger is obviously a big body, he’s very talented and gifted around the net…when the puck comes on his stick he’s probably going to put it in…he’s also a very confident player he knows that he’s a top player in this league and he knows he had a successful season at LA last year so he’s looking forward to put some goals down here this year.

Dwight King (on Jordan Nolan): Big, strong, quick, he’s very physical, he uses his size gets to the dirtier areas and plays with an edge.

JF:   Down in Manchester…anyone that stands out—the new guys in Manch…this guy has got something and he’s showing potential…something that catches your attention?

Jordan Nolan: I think you look at Tyler Toffoli, you know his game is starting to come around now.  His shot is pretty unbelievable, he’s another guy that just happens to be in the right spot…he makes the game look easy.  Definitely does all the right things on and off the ice and he’s going to get a lot of goals in this league and the league above.

Dwight King: Obviously there’s guys that I’ve just seen for my first time, a lot of guys in their first year that are adjusting very well to the AHL and they do have a lot of upside.  I’ve obviously played with some in camp, Tyler Toffoli and seeing Tanner Pearson for the first time and guys like that.  It’s nice to see them adjusting quickly and making the team a better team.

JF: Just as it exists right now, we don’t want the team to be the way it is right now we rather it was different circumstances but what do you really like about Manchester, what do you like about the Monarchs?

Jordan Nolan: I just like the group of guys we have.  I came up with a few of these guys…we have a strong knit team and if you look at the rookies that we brought in this year, they’re all pretty much the top goal scorers in their league, the past year…they’re leading OHL scorers, AHL scorers and pretty much every league, so I think if you add them to our mix, that it’s a pretty deadly combination…you have a few NHL guys like Slava, Lokti, Kinger and myself in the mix, we’re going to have a good run.

DK: I like the group of guys, honestly it’s a young team, it’s always been a fairly young team since I’ve been a part of the organization, being able to grow with the team…has a lot of guys just coming in their first year pro, means a lot for the organization, I think the skill in the locker room is very evident and look forward to growing with it as a team effort.

(Monarchs’ photos courtesy of Steve Babineau)