Lockout, Day 2 - LA Kings Insider

We’re now into the second day of the NHL lockout, with no indication that owners and players plan to meet soon. Of course, this means that Kings training camp will not open tomorrow, as scheduled. That’s when the lockout will start to feel real for most people. Then the question becomes, how many days will pass before the NHL starts to cancel preseason games? The Kings are scheduled to play split-squad games against the Phoenix Coyotes next Monday, but unless negotiations resume very soon and include some serious progress, those games are unlikely to be played.

An odd dual universe is taking place. While the lockout is in place, preparations are still taking place for an NHL season. Crews have been working on Staples Center in recent days, putting the dasher boards in place, painting the ice surface, etc., just in case the ice is needed a week from today. Last year, there was a fun celebration involving the ice-surface painting. This year, in what should have been an even bigger celebration, it was done quiet and privately.

Of course, there’s plenty of legitimate debate as to how and why we got here, in terms of the lockout. I’m curious to see which side is drawing the most ire from readers…