Cup still on the move - LA Kings Insider

The Stanley Cup is continuing a tour through Canada, and is hanging out with Kyle Clifford and friends and family today. There are only a handful of official “days” with the Cup remaining. By the start of September, the Cup will be back in Southern California for a series of events, and then shortly after that, Luc Robitaille will take it to be Quebec, where it will also be engraved with the names of the Kings players, coaches and staff members. What have folks been doing with the Cup? Jarret Stoll had it in his childhood hometowns of Neudorf and Yorkton, in Saskatchewan. That was also a special day for Kings fans (and blog readers) John Hallman and Rob Mathieu, who emailed to share their story of flying from Southern California to Saskatchewan in order to enjoy the public ceremony in a small Canadian town. John and Rob got mentioned in a local write-up as being visitors from “big-city California” in the story below…

Stanley Cup champ Jarret Stoll has a happy homecoming in Neudorf, Sask.

Also, click below for a few videos from Dean Lombardi’s day with the Cup, as well as Stoll’s time with it…

Stoll picking up the Cup

Stoll visits his grandmother with the Cup

Stoll, part of a parade in Yorkton

Stoll with the Cup in Neudorf