Cup still on the move - LA Kings Insider

The Stanley Cup continues its worldwide summer tour with the Kings, and there weren’t a lot of pictures from the past couple days — I couldn’t find a single one — because the Cup quietly spent two days in the Denver area with Kings owner Phil Anschutz and his wife, Nancy. It’s been written before, but Mrs. Anschutz is a big Kings fan, and she was part of the post-Game 6 celebration on the ice with her husband. The Cup has now moved on to the St. Louis area, as former assistant coach Jamie Kompon gets to enjoy his day with it.

To catch up with the Cup’s travels,’s “Summer with Stanley” blog does a nice job of recapping many of the trips.

On the home front, things are progressing very nicely with the Kings’ official commemorative book. Some of the details are still to be finalized, but it’s going to have a DVD with some never-before-seen video footage, as well as (at least in one version of the book) a cool memento from the clinching game.